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PageMac started as just my tiny little corner on the net around 2000. 'Page' came from 'web page' (at the time the site was about web design) and 'Mac' (which was also in my alias of the time, 'SqueakMac') came from Macintosh. On this site there were some script examples, HTML tutorials, small programs I made, flash games, etc. It was just a simple personal website where I posted things that amused me, mostly related to programming. Eventually, unsatisfied with the free website hosting at Angelfire, I moved PageMac to free hosting with Tripod and expanded more into web design and programming. During this time, I changed the layout and style of PageMac many times

PageMac: Circa 2000-2001 PageMac: Circa early 2002 PageMac: Circa August 2002 PageMac: Circa November 2002

In 2003, I started a web server on a FreeBSD machine at my house. I began to move the entire website over to the new PageMac server. Because of this move, I was able to add some new pages and features, including PHP. A phpBB2 forum was added, the [root] and other sub-sites came into existence, and I was able to host websites. From about 2004 to 2007, there was a very active forum community. Most discussions were about software development, especially D++ (there were even a few active D++ developers, other than me!). This was a pretty cool time. Eventually, around 2005, my friend Sam offered to host PageMac on his server in a real datacenter with real bandwidth. PageMac lived on those servers for many years. I briefly considered developing the PageMac community further than forums to include publicly posted code examples, tutorials and such, but I got busy with school my interests started to shift towards hardware.

PageMac: Circa 2003 PageMac: Circa 2004 PageMac: Circa early 2006 PageMac: Circa September 2006

In 2013, I moved hosting providers again. I continued to try and add content (I was still basically coding HTML by hand at this point) during college, but I found myself being lazy and not adding as much content as I really wanted to. I was working on a lot of cool hardware. I tried adding my own blog-style updates on the main page, but that wasn't the real content I wanted. I had a nice looking projects page though!

PageMac: Circa July 2012 PageMac: Circa 2015

Today, PageMac is still just my personal website. I transitioned PageMac to a DokuWiki in 2015 in order to make it easier for me to post content. I currently use PageMac to document my fun, personal projects.

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